During your computer repair session, you will be able to watch all the magic as it is being performed by our expert support team. The repairs will be done right before your eyes without ever having to move your machine. You will be able to take back control of your system at any time and since our remote support system uses encryption, your system remains secure at all times. Once we leave your computer, the software will permanently remove itself  from your system. We cannot reconnect unless you want us to. If you have any concerns about our system, we will be glad to discuss them over the phone! We are proud to be a USA based family owned company.

    I've known Joe for a number of years now and have him take care of any problems that might come up. I know that I could go to Staples, Office Depot and other places but its nice to know the person who's working on my computer. The personal touch is always nice to have and experience. Advantage Computers is the only company that I truly trust. I would give them 5 Stars.                                               T.A.     Florida


Remote Computer Repair

Our company offers many remote computer services including Virus Removal, Computer Tune Ups, Error Diagnostics plus much more. We offer computer repair services for individual clients as well as small and large business environments. We are one of the original remote support companies on the net and we are US based. Customer Satisfaction is number one. Enjoy a low flat rate price of  $79.99 for a system clean-up and virus removal for all new customers. Call us Today!


Call 1-877-499-5548 and make an appointment.

Connect To Our Server and watch as we fix your computer while you relax.

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Online Remote PC Repair

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! New Lower Pricing!     We are proud to be a US Family Owned Company!

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Treasure Coast Computer Repair Online

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Computer Repair Online

    For Online Computer Repair Service,  call us at 1-877-499-5548                                                           

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